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We are a specialist recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment and placement of talent across various industries and professions.

Our focus is to partner with companies to improve bottom line profitability by providing optimized, efficient and practical value-adding Human Capital solutions.

“Affordable Recruitment Excellence”

We understand that organisations today experience a broad range of talent challenges that are affecting their business. We believe that all businesses essentially want two things from a recruitment partner.

The “first” is exceptional, committed and reliable talent and the “second” is affordability to acquire that talent. We strive to provide both in our partnership with our clients.


Our flexible approach means we can start the journey from wherever you are now and fulfil a range of different roles, depending on your needs. We understand that getting the right man for the job is of strategic importance to our clients. We take the time to accurately understand the client requirements before commencing our rigorous selection process.

We provide placement of professionals from Junior, Specialist to Management and Executives either on temporary, fixed term or permanent basis. Through our rigorous screening and shortlisting process, our dynamic and highly motivated specialist recruitment team will identify and shortlist the required talent based on our customer requirement.

“Fixed Term Contract”

mean, a contract of employment that terminates on the occurrence of specific event and or the completion of a specific task or event and or a fixed date other the employee normal or agreed retirement age.


shall be deemed to have been made when the Client (or any of its divisions, departments, or representatives) receives the CV of the Candidate (be it by hand, facsimile, email or otherwise), effected, as defined herein


shall be deemed to have been made when an offer of employment, assignment or engagement is offered by the Client to the Candidate, and is accepted by him. The fee shall be due upon the placement having been effected

“Professional Fees”

means fees billed for services rendered or for purposes of recovery of costs incurred and may include/exclude penalty fees.


means the placement services rendered by the Agency to the Client, including the sourcing and general pre-assessment of Candidate/s, and introduction of and facilitation of a meeting between the Candidate and the Client.

Howard House
2nd Floor - 23 Loveday Street 
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    Howard House

    Office no 206, 2nd floor

    23 Loveday Street,



    Office Line (011) 492 1254

    Fax No: (086) 260 6545


    Commercial City Building

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    Office Line (021) 526 0420/1

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